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Filtering database lists

To make managing large lists of databases easy you can filter what is displayed in the list. For example if you have several databases from different servers in your currently loaded database list then you can set filtering options so that only databases from one of the servers are displayed.

Showing and hiding the database filter options

When you have a list of databases loaded you can easily toggle whether or not the filter options are displayed by clicking on the "Database Filter" text immediately above the list of databases. See the following screen shot for more information:


Explanation of the database filter options

The following explains what each option in the database list filter options does:

Database: This option lets you filter by database or server name. What ever you type in here, any databases which have a server name of database name that partially or fully match what is entered will be displayed. All other databases will be hidden.

Database Type: This option lets you filter by the type of driver the database in the list uses. For example if your list contains databases on MS SQL Server database servers and MySQL database servers then picking MySQL from the drop down list will only show those databases that are connected to MySQL database servers.

Successful Queries: Ticking this option will only show databases that have had successful queries run against them in the last run.

Once you have selected your filter options then simply click the green tick to apply the filter. When the filter is applied the word (Active) will appear in the title of the Database Filters options.

Removing a filter

To remove a filter from a list of databases simply make sure that the Database Filter options window is visible (see section titled Showing and hiding the database filter options earlier in this document for information on how to do this) and click the red cross. The filter information will be cleared out and all databases in your list will be visible again.

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