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Exporting Result Sets

In order to export data you will need to make sure you are on at least SuperQuery 2.2. If you are using an earlier version then it is recommended that you upgrade


SuperQuery has the ability to export any tabular data to a comma separated or tab separated file.

You can export multiple result sets to the same file or export each result set to a separate file.

This section describes how to use the "Export Results" dialog

Before you start

Before you can export data you must have run at least one query against one database that has returned tabular data. If the "Query Type" is set to "Scalar" then the results will not be available to export.

The "Export Results" dialog

To open the "Export Results" dialog simply make sure the tab that contains the query whose results you want to export is selected and visible, then select "Export Result Set..." from the "Query" menu. You will be presented with the following dialog:


Export to file

This is the file that you wish to export data to. You can either type in a file to export to or click "Browse" and select a location and file name to export to.

Export format

This allows you to select whether or not you want to export the data to a comma separated file or a tab separated file

Export style

These options allow you to select how you want the result sets split up when they are exported.
  • Export each result to a separate file This option will save each result set that you have chosen to export to a separate file. Each file name will be the name entered into the Export to file text box and append a number (e.g. File 1.txt, File 2.txt, File 3.txt .....)
  • Export to one file separated by SERVER - DATABASE header This option will export all result sets to one file but each result set will have a header with the column names and the server and database name at the top
  • Export to one file with a SERVER - DATABASE column, no header This option will export all result sets to one file but there will be no header to split up the result sets. Each result set will have an extra column added with the name of the database and server in it

Select the database result sets you want to export

This list contains a list of all databases that have valid tabular results data. Simply select which ones you want to include in the export. You can click on "Select All" or "Select None" to quickly select or de-select all of the results in one go.

Exporting the data

Once you have selected the desired options click on "Export" to export the data and leave the dialog open so that you can export other results to other files, or select "Export & Close" to carry out the export and close the dialog. If all goes well the export will complete and the message "Export completed successfully" will be displayed.

If you want to close the dialog without doing an export simply click the "Close" button.

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