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Database Lists

Each query that you create in SuperQuery has an associated database list. This list contains all of the databases that you might want to run your query against. The databases can be spread across different servers and can even be on servers running completely different versions of SQL. For example as of version 2.4 you can have databases from MS SQL Server 2000/2005 or 2008 and MySQL 3.51 or higher in the same list. As long as the query contains commands that are compatible across all the databases in your list then it will run successfully on all of them.

To make it easier to work with multiple databases from different servers you don't have to run queries across all databases in the list. You can select groups of databases and run your query on just those, you can also apply filters to make it easier to search for a database with a certain name or all databases on a certain server.

For more information on adding, removing, filtering and managing a database list, please see one of the following sections for more details:

Creating database lists
Removing items from database lists
Editing database lists
Filtering database lists

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