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Creating database lists

In order to create a new database list or add to an existing database list simply following these steps:

Step one

Open up a new instance of SuperQuery or if SuperQuery is already running make sure you are looking at a blank query tab (select File -> New Query)

Step two

Select the "Add" button to open up the "Add Database" wizard:

Step three

The first page of the Wizard will prompt you to select which database system you want to use. Currently only plug ins for SQL Server exist but more will follow.
Once you have selected the desired database system plugin, click the "Next" button

Step four

Enter the details to connect to a database server on your network. In the example below we are connecting to a SQLExpress instance on the local machine:
Once you have entered the correct details click the "Next" button

Step five

A list of databases that exist on the current server but have not already been selected and added previously will be displayed. In this case the only databases are the default ones on a blank SQL Server install:
Select one or more databases (in the above instance we clicked the "Select All" button to ensure all databases are added)
When you are happy click "Finish" and the databases will be added to the current query window

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