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Project Description

SuperQuery makes it easy to run the same batch of SQL across several databases on different SQL servers. SuperQuery supports all editions and versions of SQL Server from 2000 onwards and versions of MySQL that are compatible with the MySQL ODBC driver 3.51 and 5.1. It is developed in C# using .NET 4 Client Profile.

Project updates

SuperQuery 2.5 r2 (Stable) is now available for download, see SuperQuery 2.5 r2 for details.

NB: This version fixes serious problem with the database list not always refreshing when new items were added or existing items removed. It is recommend that you upgrade

Unfortunatly I have had to remove the syntax highlighter from the project as it was just too slow when loading large files. I will try and improve performance but I didn't want this to hold up the rest of the project so for now it is removed.

For information on the current state of the syntax highlighter and to download the source code, see


SuperQuery allows developers and database administrators the ability to quickly and easily run the same batch of SQL across multiple SQL databases on the same, or different servers

It provides a quick visual feedback as to which databases the SQL has run on successfully and which have failed as well as detail error messages to indicate what went wrong.

Corrections can be made and the user can choose to run the altered SQL on just these databases that failed

Database lists can be saved so that they can easily be reused

SuperQuery also allows multiple queries to be run against different, or the same lists of databases as the same time
About this project

The reason this project came about is really two fold:
  1. Mainly because I wanted to learn about WPF (of which the interface of this application is written
  2. I wanted to try and write an application using a proper layered architecture.
    • The low level database/file system code is separated from the user interface logic using a service layer which means the application could be designed to talk to different database systems without having to completely re-write it.
    • The user interface code is further separated out using MVP in an effort to make it easy to re-design the user interface without having to re-write much (or any) of the application logic

Why does the version number start at 2?

SuperQuery already existed as an old .NET 2 application that I had written a few years ago when I needed a tool to run the same script across many databases as part of my work. I couldn't find any simple cheap solutions available so I decided to write one. So when I was looking to learn WPF I thought this would be the ideal project to try it out in. Hence why the version numbers start at 2.

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